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Automated Panoramic Thermal Integrated Sensor (APTIS) with the ViperViewTM High-Resolution Infrared Camera

The APTIS advantage

Panoramic cameras offer true real-time, 360-degree coverage valuable for force protection, asset protection, asset control, security including port security, perimeter security, video surveillance, border control, airport security, and intrusion detection. Automatic detection, location, and tracking of targets reduces workload on personnel and enables both man-in-the-loop and fully automated system operation.

Useful range of many catadioptric panoramic cameras is affected by their optics-limited resolution, especially at large camera apertures, such as required in low-light and thermal imaging.

The Automatic Panoramic Thermal Integrated Sensor (APTIS) combines high-resolution panoramic optics with thermal imaging in the 8 – 14 micron spectral range, leveraged by intelligent video processing for automated detection, location, and tracking of multiple targets. This work supports the Future Combat Systems (FCS) and the Intelligent Munitions Systems (IMS).

The novel ViperViewTM high-resolution panoramic thermal imager is the heart of the APTIS system. It is aberration-corrected to match pixel resolution of a 640x480 IR camera. The same approach is applicable to cameras working in other spectral ranges. The ATPIS system further includes secure network communications, advanced power management, and remote wakeup capability. The APTIS will operate as an intelligent node in an ad-hoc network, to serve improved situational awareness (SA) in defense and offensive operations, as a sensor node in tactical Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR), and in homeland security.

Aberration-corrected ViperViewTM optics

Problem: Resolution of a panoramic thermal camera limited by optical components (aberrations in lenses and mirrors)

Consequence: Cameras cannot benefit from high resolution imaging sensors (640x480 pixels or higher)

Solution: ViperView optics (optical design by Applied Science Innovations), along with small size, features aberration correction to a level matching a 640x480 thermal imaging sensor

Optimal Design: Optimal allocation of sensor resolution, with the larger number of pixels for imaging the horizon.

ViperView high-resolution optics eliminates the aberration bottleneck on image quality

Performance Targets: 0.25O azimuth resolution. Detection range: 50-100 m standing person; 200-400m Humvee

System Characteristics: All-weather, day/night operation effective against camouflaged targets; target thermal signatures for classification beyond camera’s spatial resolution. Accurate target bearing, order of magnitude target imaging for classification, discrimination and identification of targets. Low cost in volume production.

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